Ideal Work-Wear for the monsoons !


The monsoons are officially upon us, and this is the most difficult time for most of the women everywhere when it comes to makeup, hair and well,clothing. Oh did I just forget to mention shoes? Umm, add those to the list too.


One Year of Being-My-Own-Boss

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I just realized a couple of hours back that, it’s been exactly one year since I quit my last job and It has to be one of the most ballsiest moves I have ever made.

Soooo many people ping me and ask me how I went about starting my little something—WhySoBlue—and how the whole journey started off. Well, once I tell them my dramatic version of how I absolutely hated my last job, I go on to tell them that THAT job actually motivated me to take this leap of faith. I genuinely feel if that job wasn’t as boring and as uninspiring as it was, I would have never made THE move.
So the first move was made, the damsel wasn’t in distress anymore and was free, all thanks to one job that didn’t inspire! Oh Yeah!

So, getting back to the matter at hand- PRO’s and CON’s of this decision. Let’s have a mini face off shall we?

Lets look at the CONs first, duh! ‘coz complaining is easy !

Easy Peasy- My startup doesn’t really match up to how much I was bringing home earlier, in fact I’m still wondering if I’m breaking even at this point  😛

Earlier, leaving work meant leaving WORK behind when you left for home. Well here, the bedroom,the living room and every coffee shop with a decent wifi is your WORKPLACE. So yes, everything just gets into the mix sometimes, especially when there is a new episode of GOT out right now (And I have still not watched it Sigh )

Weekends and weekdays all the same to me ,workwise, but it also means that I don’t have to wait for the weekends to party (Ok so this actually turned out to be a Pro instead of a Con, hmm.. interesting )

Well,there are a million reasons to not take that risk and stay safe and you could draw as many lists of Cons as you like, but you just need one Pro, to make it happen !

I wanted to hear myself, I wanted to do something I genuinely cared about .The mere thought of coming up with new designs and sourcing for some fabrics pumped me up like nothing else. I love brainstorming with my customers and telling them what goes- depending on their body type, personal style and most importantly, their budget. I used to do it for my family and friends earlier and now I do it for almost everyone, which was the whole idea behind coming up with WhySoBlue.

And I can’t express how happy I feel when my clients like what I do for them, simply because for me it doesn’t feel like work, it feels like something I just HAVE to do !!

Oh and I also got to pursue the other love of my life – DANCE

In the past one year I have danced like never before. Juggling between belly dancing and Latin dancing, I have come across some truly interesting and inspiring people who are following their dreams, and THAT pushes me to go all out and pursue anything and everything that thrills me !

So to everyone out there, who are reading this from their desks at work or home, I hope you have that one Pro in your list that drives to you make YOU happy !

PS-  For all those who didn’t know, WhySoBlue is co-founded by my mother, and here is how at the age of 50, my mother and me decided to give it all and start our little something.Here is a link to OUR story that was published in

Happy reading !


How to style Long Skirts !

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Long skirts are my favorite and I have loads of those stacked up in my closet ! Someone recently came up to me and told me that they loved long skirts but doesn’t get as to how to style them, so today I will show you how I style 4 different kinds of long skirts in its own ways!

Going Chic

I got this yellow skirt from Splash, Dubai and I must have worn this one at least a million times ! I paired it up with a polka dotted blouse. I think the quirky print and the bright color of the skirt totally complements each other. With an orange sling and Van Heusen pumps I was done !



Bubblegum love

So this one was one of the most difficult skirts to shoot with! This skirt is almost neon and no matter what my photographer did, we couldn’t capture that neon bubblegum color of it ! Anywho, I paired this customized skirt from and this cute cape top from Zara. This is what I would wear to a party , add the right amount of bling and I am all ready to hit that dance floor !



Straight Cut Skirts

These are the simplest to style. These skirts can be paired with almost anything, from T-shirts and crop tops to shirts and blouses. I wore mine with a contrasting colorful crop top and kept everything else at the bare minimum.

Blue Skirt+Crop TopDSC_5749 15b



As per usual every style file of mine has a bohemian look to it ! This one is a floral cotton skirt that I paired with a cotton tie-dye crop top (both customized) Although the prints are totally different and there is no exact connect between the two, but I just feel it GOES ! I added a long chain to it and completed the look !


Hope this post helped ! If there is anything else you’d like me to write about do let me know !!

Cheers !

My Take On Denim

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This is turning out to be quite a week because this is my third blog post in the past 4 days, So Yay me !This month is definitely going to see a lot of different styling from my end and I’m really psyched about all the things that I have lined up for my blog 🙂

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but,I personally hate wearing Denims, and I think they are really unsuitable for the weather ‘coz I constantly feel very hot and suffocated in ‘em. Winters are probably the only time I bring them out ! Today, I m going to talk about another way I incorporate Denim into my closet.

Two Words- Denim Dresses !

Yes, these have been around for as long as I can remember, but for whatever reasons I don’t see a lot of people flaunting these and I have always wondered why. Denim is such a ‘giving’ fabric with such a great fall which lets the skin breathe- my idea of perfection.

So,for this post I have styled 2 totally different types of denim dresses- one is a box dress and another is a more flowy-kind of a denim dress.

Box dresses are very edgy and you can play around with a lot of choker neckpieces, boots or sneakers to finish the look. I also tried pairing this leopard neckpiece with the dress and I thought it added to the street style vibe 🙂

True to the denim culture, this look is just as laid back.




The second look is more feminine and structured. The dress has a nice fall and the whole feel is very playful. I paired it with a pearl cluster neckpiece (which is on sale BTW) and kept my boots on for this look too._SP_4305_SP_4327_SP_4354_SP_4357

For both the looks, I have kept my face almost nude with a tinge of peach and used Chambor’s Exotic Fuschia on my lips.

Both the Dresses- WhySoBlue

Boots- Forever 21

How do you think you would have styled your denim dress? I would love to know,so do leave them on the comments below !


How to Style your shoes:Part 2- Boots

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I didn’t intend on this blog post to come out a month after the part 1 of the blog, but here we are, so I’ll just get straight to it.

Boots have been around for forever, but it is very tricky to find one that suits our weather. Unlike Delhi where people trot around town in the trendiest of boots, you would very rarely see that in Mumbai. But now all that’s changing and everyone is getting in on the trend.

With boots what matters is the type- ankle boots, knee high boots, over the knee boots , lace up boots, the list is endless ! I have chosen a pair of ankle boots that I got from Forever21 and I will show you how you could style them in different outfits !


Look 1- Winter Ready

Winter is upon us and all kinds of layers are out of our closets. I have paired a pair of black tights with black tank top and an olive throw that I thrifted from the streets for Rs. 300 last winter. This look was something that I hardly worked on, and it has come out effortlessly chic ! I completed the look with a marsala lip color from Chambor.IMG_9793 copy.jpg

IMG_9803 copy.jpgIMG_9791.JPGIMG_9816.JPG

Look 2- Formal

For the second look I went for a very basic look -crisp white shirt, my favorite ripped denims and those boots. With only a simple bag for an accessory the look is complete. This is classic style will help you ease into the boot styling phase, until you are ready to experiment.

IMG_9748 copy.jpg

IMG_9737 copy.jpg


Look 3- Party Girl

Boots are very chic, and nothing brings out chic than a grey party dress. I paired this Vero Moda dress (from one of their earlier collections) with a bold belt to add some structure to it. Added a pair of tassel earrings and I was done. This look is perfect for the evening and lets you dance the night away without your shoes killing your feet !

IMG_9834IMG_9837IMG_9860 copy

Look 4- Bohemian

I’m a sucker for all things bohemian, and you wouldn’t expect me to ditch the boho look especially with boots, now would you ?

Bought out my favorite comfy day gown and, wrapped an Aztec printed scarf around my neck, some blue feather earrings finishing off with a peach tint on my lips. This is so laid back and perfect for a relaxed afternoon with some friends and sangria !

IMG_9754 copy.jpg

IMG_9774 copy.jpg

IMG_9756 copy.jpg

Boots- Forever 21

Black Tights- Forever 21

Ripped Denims- Zara 

Grey Dress- Vero Moda

Bag- Michael Kors

Accessories- WhySoBlue


PC- Ailesh Dupate


Do let me know what you thought of part 2 of the series by commenting below 🙂


What to buy during a SALE !!

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We love the very word SALE but our wallet is not a big fan of it, so what do we do to make sure we don’t go overboard and end up buying some truly ridiculous stuff that we KNOW we are NEVER going to need ?

So here goes a list of the most important DO’s and DON’Ts that we should bear in mind to make the most of a sale.

  1. EXPERIMENT- We always see something different and wonder if we’d be able to pull it off. We see the price tag and realize that is a huge risk to take especially if I wont wear it again. Go for all those things during sale. If you haven’t already try a cape/kimono, culottes, boot legged pants- go for it !!






  1. STAY AWAY from new arrivals

That section in the store will look the most attractive and pristine. It is likely to be less crowded, but do not even for a moment consider buying anything from there,.!!! If you don’t like anything during the sale period, go home empty handed and head to the store when its all over when the new collection is up !! You will get more options to choose from.



Usually the sale of cosmetic products isn’t that great. Moreover it is always crowded with people coming to “check out” what’s new. With cosmetics you got to take your time. It is very important to get the product tested on you by the assistant, so I personally prefer going on the weekdays when there is almost no one in the store ! (Take a friend along if it helps)


4.STOCK UP on the body scrubs/lotions/perfumes

There is usually considerable offers on such products, either there is a one plus one or they club two products together or there is the obvious discount. This is something you need through the year and there Is no harm is buying these for less !


  1. DENIMS – Let’s face it, we need this all through the year and this is something that will never go out of fashion. Be it straight cut denims or the tapered kind, they are always a must in our closet. If you find a particular brand which fits like a dream and they happen to have it in 2 colors- BUY BOTH. Chances are you would never find a fit like that again !!


  1. SHOES – Most of the brands offer up to 50% off on all kinds of shoes at the moment, you can end up walking out with boots worth Rs.2000 for a meager Rs. 750 (true story- this happened to me :D) Keep an eye out for those heels that were really expensive before- you never know when they will be on

Hope I have covered almost everything in this blog post, so lets get SHOPPING !

OOTD- Wedding Season !

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So the wedding season is officially upon us and we all are busy attending some party or the other. The problem is not attending these weddings and parties in fancy clothes,’coz trust me the best part IS walking around in these extravagant clothes ! The problem arises when we have suddenly repeated all our anarkalis and sarees and there is nothing new in our closets anymore ! Yes, we have all raided our mother’s and friend’s closets for these at some point, but it isn’t always the same is it ?

Today, was one such day for me, when I had my blouse and saree all picked out and ready, but woke up to realise my mother isn’t home to drape it for me !

Reaction 1- Panic Mode

Reaction 2- Tea

Reaction 3- Opening my closet.

I took out all the skirts I had, the initial idea was to fashion a lehenga-isque look. After emptying my entire closet, I found this bubblegum pink skirt I had worn many a times before. I threw the blouse on, that I had decided to wear previously with my saree. Now, all I needed was a fancy dupatta to bring this all together.

Ideally I dont mix metallics. But somehow the dull gold zari in the blouse and the silver from the phulkari dupatta went really well together. I think it was the color of the dupatta that complimented the skirt , and bought the whole outfit together .

I have to tell you that when I left home I wasn’t too sure as to how this entire outfit looked, but once I got to the venue, I got a lot of compliments,which needless to say made my day 😀

Check out some of the snaps from today-

ootd_IMG_20151220_133708 copy.jpg





And if you know any more interesting ways of getting creative with traditional clothes, share them below 🙂

Alma Latina Mumbai !

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I’m so happy that this is my second dance related blog post, that too a form, different from the last one. My earlier post was on a belly bootcamp I attended in Mumbai, you can have a look at it here. Well, this blog post is more of a journey of a team of dancers coming together and performing at one of the most popular clubs for social dancing in Mumbai.

I’ll give you a little background of what this team is about.Alma Latina is a US based latin dance school and as they grew, they went about coming up with various smaller teams around the world and Alma Latina Mumbai – is one such team.

Our team was lead by Aanchal Gupta, who has trained under the founders of Alma Latina for 6 months.

Coming to our team, we were a team of 6 girls- all of us from different dance schools and all of us having a full time job. So,the 6 of us practiced once a week for 3 months for this performance, but the last 3 weeks was the most rigorous of all. The practise sessions were intense and insane ! Personally, I love it when your instructors push you, I genuinely believe it brings out the best in us!So after all the dancing and hard work we thought we needed to celebrate India’s first Alma Latina Bachata Team.

How you ask ? We did a little photoshoot for ourselves in our dance studio – take a look !

collage 1.jpg12355801_1053687034652968_2029271758_o copy.jpgcollage 2.jpg


So now, our choreography was done, photoshoot was done, and what was then left was the costume !! And boy was it fun designing the costume for this performance.We got the costumes made from here. A day before the performance ,we got all the fitting done and we were super psyched to go out there and perform.

On the D-day, we were surprisingly calm. We reached the venue well before time,did a couple of rehearsals and went in for our makeup, hair- the works. It was 11.45pm, the night was at its peak at La Ruche,  the music was at its best,the dancers were roaring with energy, and we were cued to perform. We were psyched,nervous,excited , all at the same time.

People were applauding, and we didn’t even realise how the 2 min and 14 second performance got over. Performing for an audience is a rush and a high and the process that leads to it, is what makes the feeling all the more glorious!

 Have a look at the snaps, clicked at the club pre and post performance.IMG_20151206_233933.jpg





Did you like our costume too ? Do let me know your thoughts below 😉

How to Style your shoes : Part 1- Sneakers

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Hello there,

Hope you are having a lovely Monday, or as lovely as any Monday can get.

I have done a lot of blog posts on styling and fashion, and I have come to realize that footwear is the most neglected aspect of any look. We get the right dress, get our makeup done on point but we forget to give equal importance to our lovely feet!

So today I’m doing a 3 part series of How to style your shoes to compliment the mood of your outfit.

Part 1 is going to be all about styling a pair of sneakers.

Off late, Sneakers have gained popularity and although I was NEVER a sneaker person, I was shocked to discover how comfortable it is to wear and to style!

From walking the red carpet in sneakers to sporting a back-to-school laidback look we have seen a lot of celebrities style this trend with edge.

So, lets get to it, I m showing you 5 different ways to wear sneakers today .

Look 1-

I paired up my sneakers with a feminine white skirt and a loose T-shirt. Its simple and girly but has a fun element to it.



Skirt- Splash , T-shirt- The Souled Store

Look 2

I went for the very convenient ripped jeans look. I wore a pair of ripped denims, a basic T-shirt and layered it with a chambray shirt. Added the bandana at the end, I think it kind of goes with the whole feel of the outfit!


Denims- Jealous 21 (No, they weren’t ripped. They were a pair of perfectly skinny denims, which got loose and eventually I ripped it to make my version of the ripped boyfriend denims)

T-shirt and Shirt – Both thrifted

Look 3

Wearing slip ons with shorts look way too casual than you intend to look ? Try a pair of sneakers instead. They add a little definition to the otherwise laidback feel of the shorts and T-shirt combination.




T-shirt- Forever 21, Shorts- thrifted

Look 4

I love wearing long skirts, I have hoards of them, and I always wear them with my oxfords. Until I started wearing sneakers ! Here, I have worn a flowy floral skirt and paired it with a T-shirt tied up at my waist.



T-Shirt- Zara Skirt- Thrifted

Look 5

Mumbai has been slightly chilly and it is time to get the sweatshirt out. I went all monochrome on this one, with black leggings and gold studded black sweatshirt.




Leggings- Forever 21 Sweatshirt- Thrifted

I hope you liked all the looks I created to go with these pair of sneakers ! The one I’m wearing in this blog post is from Koovs, but you guys can even check out Vero Moda- they have a really lovely pair of white sneakers too.

A penny for your thoughts ?

Diwali #OOTD

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A very happy Diwali you guys !! I’m sure you have all had an amazing day, what with all the hogging on scrumptious sweets and fried stuff !

Diwali for me is sleeping,hogging on food,meeting extended family and friends, and some more hogging ! Until many years ago, Diwali also meant shopping for some traditional clothes to be worn on the D-day. But now that tradition has long gone by, and clothes have been replaced by shoes, makeup and other stuff you would rather not know ! So, today I dug out an old Kurta I bought from Globus, about 5 years ago, and teamed it with my ripped denims (which I ripped at home) !

I completed the look with these Jhumkaas, a friend of mine got from Punjab for me, and a simple gold cuff with flats.

Take a look and let me know what you think !

IMG_20151111_122704 IMG_20151111_124450 IMG_20151111_122813 IMG_20151111_123235 IMG_20151111_124138 IMG_20151111_123223

Have a wonderful week ahead, and do let me know your thoughts on this post 🙂